The brief

We were approached by the tourism authority for Nanjing, one of the four great  historic cities of China. They needed a bespoke platform from which they could communicate effectively with a western audience.

My role

From early talks with the Nanjing tourism authority to creation of the finished site I worked on the Creative & Art Direction of the campaign.


Our aim was to create an enticing online presence showcasing the sites and attractions of Nanjing.

Working closely with the client and through extensive research of our own, we identified key focus points in the rich culture of Nanjing and its key sites and attractions, and brought these to the fore. We enlisted an editorial travel writer and sourced local photographers, travel writers and translators to create original content that aligned with our brand strategy.


Giving prominence to Nanjing's natural beauty allowed the city to speak for itself, with subtle elements enriching the experience and helping to build the Nanjing brand.

As part of the campaign website we created two 60 second TVC’s which were aired on CNN and on a feature for Nanjing on