Azerbaijan’s Minister of Culture and Tourism approached us with a desire to increase public awareness of Azerbaijan as a tourist destination.

My Role

My involvement started from the project’s research stages working directly with the Minister of culture an tourism, travel writers and photographers, this enabled me to form a wide knowledge base from which to lead the conceptual development of the campaign. From here I was in a strong position to liaise with a third party development agency. This fully immersive working process proved to be an invaluable experience.

What we discovered

We identified the lack of quality online tourist information as a key issue. Existing resources were sparse and incomplete, giving Azerbaijan the feel of a country not fully geared up for modern tourism. The vast array of destinations, sights and activities, combined with Azerbaijan’s rich history, would entice many travellers if the information was handled correctly.


For phase one of the campaign we curated the A to Z of Azerbaijan. Through collaboration with travel writers who had first hand experience in the country we built an A to Z – a central hub for the 3 year campaign.

Further campaign stages would build from this base and evolve over the 3 years. Each push would be aligned with key upcoming events in Azerbaijan for maximum impact.